Try the Ecuadorian cuisine

Try the Ecuadorian cuisine

When you are in Ecuador you can´t fail to try the Ecuadorian cuisine. The vast variety of dishes, due to the fact that within the country there are four natural regions - coast, sierra, orient and the islands of Galápagos – with their different customs and traditions.

Near our hotel, we recommend you to go to “La Petite Mariscal” because of the romantic ambience and the variety of dishes they serve (Andean, Coast and French bistro dishes). This restaurant was chosen by the city of Quito as an example for other restaurants, because of the manner they implement hygiene rules, good food handling and customer service.

At noon they serve a lunch with local food, for the affordable price of $ 6.90, demonstrating the creativity of Ecuadorian cooks.

An extract of their menu:

Andean cuisine

  • Potato soup with achiote and Andean cheese
  • Empanadas trilogy
  • Quinoa salad
  • Yucca
  • Llapingachos
  • Hornado
  • Goat stew, etc.

Coast cuisine

  • Mixed ceviche
  • Prawns
  • Sea food Risotto
  • Fish in lobster sauce
  • Shrimp in coconut sauce
  • Patacones
  • Banana emborrajados, etc.

French-Belgian Bistro cuisine

  • Tenderloin with béarnaise
  • Hamburger made with fresh grinded sirloin and served with bacon and Flemish fries
  • Belgian Stew of meat prepared with Belgian beer,
  • Bouillabaisse
  • Gigot d'agneau
  • Coq au Vin, etc.


The birthday boy/girl eats for free (minimum 4 pax) We celebrate with jars of sangria or canelazo; beer, wine or sparkling wine.

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